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tf2 female spy
That being said; Sagat had the edge over everyone. In tournament, he had the edge. Any Sagat user that says to me that they don't have an edge, ...
Am I late?
We lost a guy called Aesop who plays a fucking awesome Chun Li and he's actually one of the top Chun Lis apparently in Asia. I don't know the extent of it, ...
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Nice. That salt's gonna be immortalised [forever on tape]. Tell me your whole mentality once you do the towards medium kick with Abel.
And such is life as a Stalker.
There is a rivalry that if you do the team battle versus say, Kansai versus Kanto. Kanto player level is higher than Kansai so…Kansai's level is high, ...
Every single ******* day. Every single ***
I will trade you purple paint for green paint.
that face
But maybe it was a GOOD hat?! Like with puppies and space ships on
If you see your opponent ...
slightly related.
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I get to be the first one to use this
Basically the equivalent of TF2.
He seems pretty upset, maybe after he's grounded we should invite him to a picnic
At the time he actually wasn't using Sagat when I first met him. He was using Sagat, but the few times I saw him he was just mucking around with Balrog, ...
The dude that didn't mash uppercut. Yeah. You might've beat him, you might've gotten more points, but you're losing. You're losing overall, you're not as ...
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